Dos Ojos

Dos Ojos,西班牙语中“双眸”的意思,两个相邻洞穴,底部相通,是世界第三大水下洞穴。只有从空中俯瞰,才能看到丛林间的两个大天坑,如同深陷的眼眶。

位 置:    卡门海滩以南约48km

水 温:    常年24-25℃

The entrance to this popular and famous Cenote is situated one Kilometer South of Xel-Ha and roughly 48km from Playa del Carmen. A 4km long dirt road leads from the highway to the parking lots and Cavern and Cave entrances. The name “Dos Ojos” means “Two eyes” and originated for the two circular shaped Cenotes which are located very close to one and another. Dos Ojos known for its multiple shallow Dives gives divers plenty of bottom time to enjoy the beautiful decorated system. In the Cenote called “the First Eye” two very different cavern dives start and end. The Dos Ojos CavernDive leads the diver mainly along the opening of the “Second Eye” where there is plenty of daylight. It also gives divers a lot of space to swim around huge columns and Stalictites. Be ready for some exciting surprises on this dive. Remember to look occasionally towards the entrance for great backlit effects. With shallow dives, crystal clear visibility and great decoration, Dos Ojos is spectacular for Cavern and Cave Diving.