Chikin Ha是一个长达10km洞穴系统的起始点,这里你能经历神奇的Halocline。在一处10米深度的水下穴道中,你会发现忽然视线变得模糊,而且全身变得暖暖的,那是因为你从淡水层进入了相对温暖的盐水层。在阳光明媚的日子,下潜后一定记得回头看一眼入口,你一定会被如梦如幻的天光惊艳到!

Located approximately 25kms. from Playa del Carmen, Cenote Chikin-Ha is the first Cenote in a system that connects several Cenotes through more than 10kms. of underwater passages. Chikin-Ha is well set, with bathroom facilities and a trail leading from the entrance to the Cenote. During the Dive, you will be making your way to the nearby Rainbow Cenote. Upon reaching a depth of about 10m. strange visual effects can been seen as the salt and the fresh water start to mix. This is what is called a Halocline. Descend a couple of meters into the salt water and experience a comfortable change in temperature as salt water is warmer then fresh water. Surfacing the Rainbow Cenote there is the chance to see the never ending search for water in the jungle, a the roots of many plants grow through the rock and stretch to the water’s surface. Always keep an eye toward the entrance for spectacular light effects on sunny days.