Chac Mool

Chac Mool的命名源于玛雅神使查克莫天使,玛雅人相信Chac-Mool是帮助人与神沟通的使者,是现实和超自然的联结点。

Chac Mool的入口距Puerto Aventuras以南约100米。有两处入水口,都指向同一处穴室系统。第一个穴室宽敞,洞口自然光线充足。在第二个穴室内,一部分洞顶已经因塌陷而开放,形成一个可供潜水员浮上水面的气室,在这里可以观赏水上水下两种钟乳石美景。在主入口处,树干和树枝已延伸至水中,每到光照较好的晴天,这里便神光普照。

Chac Mool也是能观赏到盐跃层现象的cenote之一,淡水和盐水的交汇呈现出神奇的视觉效果。因其较宽敞的穴室和仅12米的最大深度,Chac Mool非常适合进行半洞穴潜水。

The entrance to this Cenote is about 100m South of Puerto Aventuras. There are two water entries to Chac-Mool, both leading into the same rooms. The first room is relatively large with with much light entering from the opening. In the second room, a portion of the ceiling has collapsed under an air dome where Divers can surface thus allowing divers to admire two levels of beautiful stalactites. Along the opening of the main entrance, trunks and branches reach into the water. It is here where on a sunny day a stunning laser light show takes place. Chac-Mool is one of the Caverns which has a Halocline. This is where salt and fresh come together creating fascinating visual effects. With its large rooms and and maximum depth of 12m, Chac Mool is perfect for any novice Cavern Diver. It also offers long penetration for Cave Divers and is home to the largest underwater stalactite in the world.