Santa Rosa

12-15米高的暗礁侧壁形成一道几乎垂直水平面的岩壁,在那些希望自由漂流的潜水者中深受欢迎。这里地沟涵洞较多,适合中级-高级的潜水员。在这里邂逅Horse Eye Jack、海狼等大型鱼类的几率较高。在潜点北边,你可以顺着水流游遍各种水道再回到浅水区。你可沿着壮丽的珊瑚峭壁漂流,欣赏Santa Rosa Shallows那一处处由洋流冲击刻划而成的洞穴、石窟与坑道。

In brief: Classic Cozumel wall, Popular first tank dive, Columns of Coral and vertical drop-off

Depth: 18-25m/ 59-82ft, Perfect multilevel dive

Currents: unpredictable, medium to strong

Skills: Intermediate, due to unpredictable current and overhead

Life: Lobsters, barracudas,black groupers, Horse-Eyed jacks, eagle rays and turtles

Formations: Stunning coral formations, swim throughs, overhangs, caverns, colorful sponges

Dive: Drop on sandy plateau at 60ft, smaller corals to your left at edge of wall, Cruising at 80ft you discover the crevices, overhangs and tunnels. This makes the dive spectacular. Going North, coral grows taller, drop offs get steep, like flying over the abyss. Northern part a series of swim through tunnels.