Paso Del Cedral



缘于丰富的水下生物和斑斓的色彩,Paso del Cedral一直以来就是水下摄影师的集散地。因为常年有中到强度的水流,所以潜水员们会全程贴近沙地和珊瑚礁潜水。但是不要因为有流而走马观花地略过这个潜点,如果只是中度地水流,你甚至可以考虑偶尔回踢。因为大大小小地礁石下藏着许多色彩斑斓地鱼群、巨型龙虾和海鳗。清澈的海水、绚烂的珊瑚、缤纷的鱼类,使得这里成为广角摄影的最佳选择。

In brief:             Good conditions with turbulent current and overheads, Rest at 30-60ft waters – photographers paradise

Depth/ Time:    20 – 60 ft, ±50 min

Currents:           Currents are moderate to strong

Skills:                  Intermediate

Life:                   Abundance of fish, Great Barracudas, large Grouper, Green Moray Eels and Nurse Sharks

Dive:                 Dive begins on flat area covered with finger coral. Drift north over sandy area with impressive coral structures. Spectacular swim-throughs and coral mounds with numerous overhangs.